Application Process

1. Carefully read through all the below steps and information to apply.

  • Complete the application form online.
  • You will need the following information on hand:
    • Your contact details and SPARK Schools Payer Reference
    • Your scholar’s details and Scholar ID
    • Detailed information regarding the personal income and expenses of:
      • The Payer of the SPARK School fees (if an individual)
      • The Primary Parent / Guardian
      • The Secondary Parent / Guardian (if applicable)
    • Details of loss of income due to COVID-19
  • Applications have been extended and will close at 17:00 on Friday 15 May 2020.

2. Documents Required

3 months bank statements

February, March & April 2020 statements

Proof of income

3 months payslips / 3 months business bank statements if self-employed

Proof of loss of income due to COVID-19

Any of the below:

  • Retrenchment Letter or a Salary Reduction Letter from employer
  • Letter from employer confirming short-time or loss of commission earnings
  • Medical Letter if incapacitated due to COVID-19
  • Proof of Loss of Future Income on Contracts
  • Affidavit and certified income statement if self-employed

Proof of application of relief

If applicable, any one of the below

  • Proof of UIF/TERS grant application
  • Proof of payment holiday application
  • Proof of debt relief application

Payment of SPARK Schools Fees must be up to date

3 months proof of payments of fees (February, March and April 2020)

3. Ignite Education Fund receives all information above

Application along with documentation is verified by the team.
Parent/Guardians receive an email if the application has not met the minimum criteria to qualify for relief.

4. Qualified Applications

Parent/Guardian will be notified via email and receive an agreement with terms & conditions of the relief granted.

If the Parent/Guardian accepts, the agreement must be signed and returned.

The Parent/Guardians SPARK Schools Account will be updated to reflect the financial relief that has been granted.